Secure your Human Risk Posture
Against Real-Time Threats

Empower your employees with the ultimate weapon against
targeted phishing attacks and social engineering scams

AironWorks AI

With the recent boom in generative AI, it’s easier than ever for cybercriminals to crawl the web for real-time information and quickly generate highly sophisticated, targeted phishing attacks. Now it’s even more crucial for companies to educate and protect their weakest link: their employees.
With AironWorks’ comprehensive AI-driven training program, arm your team with the knowledge and skills they need to detect and defeat targeted phishing attacks and social engineering scams.

Real attack experience with Virtual Hacker

Train your employees on real threats in real time

Our vision at AironWorks is to develop cutting-edge technology to help organizations secure their human risk posture against real-time threats, through our multilayered approach of generating AI-driven tailor-made security awareness programs for our clients, keeping them alert and aware with threat intelligence, targeted phishing simulations, dynamic training, and our real-time phishing assessment extension.

Strengthen Your Weakest Link

Access to new AI technology is making cybercriminals an even bigger threat - the AironWorks AI was built to level the playing field.

Train and educate your employees to detect and report these sophisticated threats and keep cybercriminals on the bench.

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Learn from an Attacker’s Perspective

Know what information an attacker might use to gain your trust.

With AironWorks

Understand your Human Risk Posture from a Threat Actor’s Perspective

The AironWorks AI scans the web, dark web, social media, and more to analyze your human risk posture and build a comprehensive threat intelligence report.

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The Best Training is Continuous

Continuous simulations and training bring the best results.

With AironWorks

Learn to Detect Targeted Phishing and Educate your Employees with Dynamic Training

With the threat intel collected, the AironWorks AI generates data-driven, personalized phishing campaigns as well as AI-generated educational content to keep employees aware of new threats in real time.

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Keep Employees Informed

Give your employees instant feedback when they report potential phishing.

With AironWorks

Assess Phishing Attempts in Real Time using the PhishDetectAI email extension

The AironWorks AI email extension PhishDetectAI enables your employees to get real-time feedback on the potential risk level of an email or message with just one simple click.

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Secure Your Human Risk Posture in Real Time with AironWorks

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