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Protect Your Organization from Cyber AttacksProtect Your Organization from Cyber Attacks

Protect your company from the biggest cyber threats
with our next-generation cybersecurity training platform


The Rising Global Threat of Cyber Attacks

As of 2022, every company in the world is a possible target for hackers, regardless of industry, company size, or revenue. In 2020 alone, U.S. companies incurred over $3.5 billion in damages due to cyber attacks, and that threat is still on the rise.

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The Additional Hidden Costs of Cybercrime:

  • - System downtime
  • - Workplace disruption and panic
  • - Incident response costs
  • - Damage to brand reputation
  • And more

Cyber AttackWorldwide Surge in Cybercrime

Today we're seeing an increase in more sophisticated ransomware attacks against organizations globally. Gaining access through phishing emails was one of the top three attack vectors for ransomware incidents in 2021 [CISA].

  • Case 01

    Phishing emails

    These cyber attacks send personalized emails and other communications through social engineering techniques to deceive employees and gain access to the company's financial assets.

  • Case 02

    Targeted Attacks

    These cyber attacks target specific companies repeatedly and persistently with a clear purpose, such as information theft. These attackers analyze company information to create sophisticated, indiviually optimized attacks, making them difficult to prevent with the typical countermeasures.

  • Case 03

    Ransomware Incidents

    This attack method infects an individual user with a ransomware virus through email or other attack vectors. This virus encrypts data stored on a terminal, rendering it unusable, allowing the attacker to blackmail the orgnization for recovering the data.


Protect your company from rapidly increasing cyber threats with our AI-based cybersecurity training platform



Mitigate cyber risks with practical,
hands-on training

  • Multiple attack vectors

    Multiple attack vectors

  • Targeted simulations

    Targeted simulations

  • Ongoing training

    Ongoing training

Conventional cybsecurity training methods are no longer enough to counter today's rapid and individiualized cyber attacks. AironWorks takes a new approach, using AI to generate highly accurate and realistic training simulations, to ensure your employees can identify even the lastest cyber attack trends.


Track your security levels
in real time and dramatically reduce
your internal team's workload

  • Real-time data Check

    Real-time data

  • User-friendly


  • All-in-one platform

    All-in-one platform

AironWorks's cybersecurity platform enables managers to track their organization's security levels in real time, anytime, anywhere. Until now, most cybersecurity training services were too complicated and required a lot of in-house work, such as compiling training results, extracting data, creating reports, and more. With AironWorks, you can see all of this information in one centralized platform, allowing you to stay on top of your security levels with ease.


Train your employees
through a variety of attack vectors,
including email, text messages,
and social networks

  • Conduct training through multiple attack vectors

    Conduct training through multiple attack vectors

  • Available for social networks

    Available for social networks

As hackers' methods grow more sophisticated, the number of possible attack vectors grows as well, extending from just email to text messaging and social networks. Understanding this change in the threat landscape, the AironWorks platform simulates targeted attacks through all of these vectors to make training more practical and realistic.


Implement the AironWorks platform in 5 easy steps!
Start running training simulations in as little as one week

  • Evaluating Company Needs

    We will assess the current cybersecurity situation within your organization to better understand the challenges you face, and then provide a personalized training solution.

  • Try it out

    Through the demo/POC, you can try out AironWorks' AI-based hands-on training to see if it matches your organization's training needs.

  • Reaching an agreement

    Purchasing the subscription contract can be easily done online.

  • Setting it up

    As a SaaS-based platform, no installation is required. All you'll need to do is add in your organization's details.

  • Launching your training

    Start securing your organization with our practical, hands-on training, for 12 months or longer.




How much does it cost?

Prices vary depending on training volume and your company's needs. Please use our contact form to request a quote and provide the number of employees who will be using the service.


How long does implementation take?

From the demo to signing the contract, the entire implementation process could take as little as one week.


How is the service provided? Do I need to download and install software?

AironWorks uses a SaaS platform, which does not require any software download or installation.
You can use access the platform from your PC, tablet, smartphone, or any other device you normally use through a web browser.


How long is the contract?

In order to provide essential training, we require a minimum contract period of 12 months. If you'd like to try it out first and see how well it meets your organization's needs, please feel free to contact us for a POC implementation.